Dealing With A Patchy Beard

Unfortunately we don’t all grow thick bushy beards. I include myself in this. 99% of us don’t get full coverage and have areas of our beards that we are unhappy with. Whether it be a bald spot or general thinness in an area of the beard, there is always something. Sadly, many potential beardsmen shave off their beard at the first sight of a bald spot, without allowing the beard to grow.

There are a couple of different reasons that your beard may have bald spots or general thinness. Firstly, if you’re only a couple of weeks in to growing a beard and you’re noticing bald spots, it could well be that that part of the beard just hasn’t grown in yet. Beard hairs grow at different speeds, so in the space of 2 weeks there may be some areas that have barely grown at all. I would suggest that you leave your beard for an absolute minimum of 6 weeks (preferably 3 months) to see how it grows in. During this period, don’t touch it.. at all. No trimming, nothing. After this time you’ll have an idea of how your beard is going to grow in. If you still have bald spots then read on.

Again, most beards have bald spots. Your hair growth is mainly down to genetics, so you’re sort of dealt the hand you’re dealt. It’s how you deal with the bald spots and thinness that matters.

If you are noticing a larger bald spot which can’t be easily covered with longer beard hair, or you have general thinness of the beard in a certain area then you need to consider your options.. which are as follows:

  1. Keep your beard short. A thin beard will look even thinner if left to grow long. If you have thinness on the cheeks but solid growth on the chin then trim back the cheeks and let the chin grow. Embrace what you have and style your beard accordingly.
  2. Find your style. You don’t have to have a full beard to be a beardsman. Again, if your cheeks are thin and chin is dense, consider a goatee or van Dyke. If your cheeks are dense and your chin is thinner.. then screw it, bring back mutton chops!

With regards to helping the hair grow thicker, I’m not going to do what some other sites do and suggest filling in gaps with make up or spray on hair. I will suggest however that you maintain a healthy high protein diet and that you exercise regularly. This will help with general beard growth and will also improve the quality and strength of the hair.

Also, I would suggest that you use a good quality natural beard balm which contains Shea Butter. Shea Butter helps hair appear thicker, and also helps improve the quality of the hair which will in turn help it grow thicker. Not only this, but beard balms tend to contain bees wax which will help keep any wispy hairs under control.

The key with beard growth is the same as anything in life, embrace what you have got and make the most of it. Experiment and find out what is good for you. As above, consider different styles of beard, consider a short beard.. consider natural products and a healthy lifestyle that will promote better hair growth. The main thing is to be happy with what you’ve got.. so keep going, and keep striving to make your beard the best it can be. You’ll get there.. the ride is half the fun of it!

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