How Often To Trim Your Beard

A question we’ve been asked several times is ‘how often should I trim my beard?’ This is an incredibly difficult question to answer, as there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer.

The frequency of which you should trim your beard is mainly down to what your beard growing goal is. For example, if you’re trying to grow the longest beard you can, then constant trimming is going to stop you reaching your goal. So, the first thing you need to consider is what your goal is, and continue reading.

If you’re wanting to maintain a short beard, perhaps a corporate beard, then regular trimming is essential. A beard grows at roughly half an inch a month, so really you need to be trimming with the same guard on your trimmer once a week to stop it going too far beyond your desired length. With a short beard it is also far more important to maintain a neat neck line and cheek line. A short beard will look neat, but not if it’s growing half way down your neck.

If you have a beard which has a few months worth of growth and you are happy with the length, then trimming would be required every 2-3 weeks to maintain the length without it growing much beyond the length you want. You will also want to maintenance trim once a week by tidying up the lines and trimming any stragglers. Hairs grow at different speeds, so leaving it too long without a maintenance trim will leave your beard starting to look less than tidy. At this point you want to drop the beard trimmer for the body of the beard and only use scissors. When a beard is longer you need to ensure it looks natural, and having the same grade on the sides as on the chin at this point starts to look odd.

If you’re trying to grow a longer beard then trimming is less essential. The more you trim the longer it will take for your beard to increase in length. In this case I would suggest only maintenance trimming, purely to trim the odd straggler, just to keep it tidy. Of course, if you are aiming for a ‘yeard,’ (year long beard) then you should just leave it. Don’t trim.. at all.

A few other tips..

  1. Don’t trim your beard when wet. When hair is wet it hangs lower, trimming your beard straight out of the shower may mean you trim more than intended.
  2. Use a decent pair of barbers scissors, not regular stationary scissors.
  3. If you’re using a beard trimmer, check the guard. Don’t shave off more than you want to.

Hope this helps, if you want any further advice with regards to trimming then give us a shout!

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